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At Su Vida, we believe growth is the result of a clear purpose and a commitment to quality.  Our purpose is to support service at every level of care for individuals with developmental disabilities.  We are committed to providing the highest quality of assistance to those in direct care, family living and community-based environments.  We strive to give every individual the foundation they need to live the quality of life that they choose.

DD Waiver Services

Family Living

Family Living at Su Vida offers people the opportunity to stay at home with natural or surrogate supports.  Often, a family member or guardian will serve as the provider in this program.  In such situations, the provider offers their home and Su Vida supplies all training, certifications, and assistance necessary to remain compliant with state and federal standards.  The Family Living program at Su Vida is an excellent option for any person wishing to remain in a family home or similar environment.

Customized In Home Supports

CIHS through Su Vida are conducted on a scheduled basis in the care recipient's home.  This type of support may be provided by a non-spouse living within the home or a support person who visits the home.  Typical responsibilities for providers of this service include personal care, meal prep, assistance with transportation, money management and medication assistance.  Su Vida offers all training and instruction to eligible providers in the CIHS program.

Supported Living

Su Vida's supported living program offers 24/7 care. Individuals in this program have their own bedroom in a house with no more than two roommates and attendant staff around the clock.  Though each person's plan is developed on an individual basis, a typical supported living environment emphasizes adaptive and social skill development, assistance with daily living activities, advocacy education and household management assistance.  Additionally, our trained staff administers medication and supplies transport as needed. 

DD Waiver

Respite Supports

Respite support services are designed to relieve a primary caregiver.  Respite support providers will perform all of the basic functions of the primary caregiver in their absence.  This support can take place in either the individual's home or the home of the respite provider; however, respite care is often community-based.   

Customized Community Supports

Also known as Day Supports, CCS services include a range of activities designed to fulfill each individual's definition of a meaningful day.  All of these activities occur outside of the home and are conducted either one-on-one or in groups no larger than three people.  The range of activities included in CCS is very large but common examples include shopping, volunteer programs, adult education and hobbies, leisure and recreational activities.

Community Integrated Employment

CIE is a job coaching service intended to increase economic independence, self-reliance, social connections and professional growth.  Individuals in this program will receive dedicated support in identifying and exploring employment opportunities that promote personal growth and community inclusion.  Finding a job can often be intimidating but Su Vida is committed to fostering positive work relationships for those seeking career growth.

Mi Via Waiver Services


For those who prefer to handle their own care, Su Vida offers support of the Mi Via (or "My Way") waiver.  If a self-directed care program is a good fit for you, we are here to help you navigate the process.

Customized Community Support

Customized Community Support is provided in both individual and group settings as determined by each individual's unique needs and wishes.  In either program, the focal points of community support programs are social interaction, relationship-building and community involvement.  Su Vida encourages all participants to engage in meaningful relationships and community support programs are an excellent opportunity to meet people, be active and have fun!

Customized In Home Support

Customized In Home Support (CIHS) occurs in the participant's home of choice, most often with one or more family members.  CIHS is designed to support development of typical daily activities, household maintenance and social/community engagement.  The goal of the CIHS program is to provide a safe, healthy environment in which each person can make his or her own choices regarding their environment, care and goals.

Mi Via

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