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2. Customized In Home Supports (Independent Living)

Customized In Home Supports
through Su Vida Services are supports conducted in the individualís home on a scheduled basis. Supports maybe provided by a non-spouse living in the home or by a support person who comes to the home. Hours per week are based upon the individualís budget as it relates to their SIS score. Supports can be provide to one individual living in the home as well as others living in the home. Typical supports include:

 •  Personal Care services;
 •  Meal Preparation;
 •  Household Services;
 •  Money Management;
 •  Accompaniment or assistance with transportation;
 •  Assistance for shopping and/or errands;
 •  Assistance with therapeutic activities or an individualized exercise program;
 •  Skin care;
 •  Mobility training including the use of public transportation services;
 •  Mobility assistance and minor wheelchair maintenance;
 •  Instruct or enhance home living skills and community skills;
 •  Address health and safety such, support to access generic medical/behavioral health;
 •  Coordinate with Adult Nursing;
 •  Assist with setting up medications or reminders to take medication; and
 •  Assistance with use of the individualsí adaptive equipment.

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