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1. Residential Supports

Supported Living
through Su Vida Services is group based residential supports on a 24/7 basis, in a typical home within the community. Usually supports are provided to two or three individuals in a home. Staffing is provided on a shift basis throughout the week, with awake-staff during the night time hours. Individuals usually have an individual bedroom, with one or two bathrooms in the home. Typical activities in the program can include:

 •  Training and assistance with activities for personal care;
 •  Training and assistance with hygiene and grooming;
 •  Training and assistance with home management such as housework, meal preparation;
 •  Residential instruction, adaptive skill development;
 •  Shopping, transportation, social skill development;
 •  Training and assistance with money management, including financial record keeping;
 •  Training and assistance for washing and drying laundry;
 •  Mobility and orientation in community integration;
 •  Training and assistance in social, spiritual, cultural and individual relationships;
 •  Recreational and leisure activities;
 •  Assistance to access educational opportunities on self-advocacy and sexuality;
 •  Assistance in developing schedules and planned activities;
 •  Assistance with adaptive equipment, and assistive technology;
 •  Transportation Assistance;
 •  Assisting the individual medical,/dental, therapy, nutritional, nursing, behavioral support consultation
    services and behavioral health services;
 •  Nursing supports; and  •  Medication management supports.